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Fall Tokens


A mutually respectful and sincere connection will help us find your unique and natural path towards growth and healing.

Kids in Art Class

Expressive Arts

Creative exploration allows expression beyond the limitations of words and thought. Through use of various manipulative media as well as music, poetry, and movement we can liberate ourselves…no experience necessary.

Buddha Statue


Deep exploration, expression and understanding of our early experiences and emotions helps improve our current relationships and choices.

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Attachment Based

Our early experiences with our parents imprint upon us a particular style of relating that can potentially interfere with getting our needs met. This tends to remain static until there is a positive corrective experience, which can happen in a safe therapeutic relationship.


Somatic Therapy

Our bodies hold information that can be utilized to release trauma as well as to help ground and regulate the nervous system. Yoga can be incorporated to supplement and support these practices. (RYT 200)



With increasing self-awareness we inquire into in the present moment to help guide your journey.


Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy

Ecopsychology is the study and acknowledgement of our vital relationship with nature. The recognition of our intricate bond with all of nature, in fact our inseparable unity with nature, has been proven to be deeply elemental in relieving psychological and emotional distress. The practice of applying this knowledge is what has become known as Ecotherapy.

My training and certification in Ecopsychology lends itself to weaving this wisdom throughout my work, researching and rediscovering deep indigenous teachings as well as, when clinically appropriate, bringing clients into nature to experience first-hand the powerful healing that comes from revisiting and rekindling this inherent bond to the earth. We find our place among the “more-than-human” beings and our psyche is restored.

I have been developing a women’s daylong retreat workshop that combines these learnings with yoga and expressive arts. Those that have experienced these retreats have reported long- term restoration and renewal. I plan to expand these venturings into longer workshops so as to deepen the exploration and subsequent benefits.

Ecopsychology | Ecotherapy
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