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Reconnect with nature for deep

restoration and renewal for the psyche.


I delight in delving into the depths of the psyche with a unique blend of traditional psychotherapy, Ecopsychology, Expressive Arts and Somatic therapies tailored to each individual client. These alternatives, while always optional, can afford a special opportunity to go beyond standard discourse into the realms of deep wisdom. That being said, I do frequently engage in traditional talk therapy while also employing a medley of modalities to mobilize profound change. 

I believe in both the power of our inherent internal gravitation towards wholeness as well as the capacity of the great outdoors to mystically meet and hold us, helping us to turn over a new leaf, sometimes quite literally. Gradual transformation will ensue as together we find the best path for you on your way to a freer, more expansive life. 

Rediscover your sovereignty from anxiety, depression, or the general malaise that can arise from being cut off from self and nature. Whether you are experiencing unsatisfactory relationships to people and/or substances, exhaustion, poor sleep or the grief of an acute loss, the answer can often be found in experiencing the contact and connection of a friendly and trusted guide while we explore the verdant thresholds of health and healing that reside both inside your being and just outside your door.

Let’s embark in partnership on this, your journey of self-discovery and liberation.

Contact me for a complimentary consultation. 

MFT License: #83974 | Yoga Certification: RYT (200) 



Please call or email with any questions. I look forward to connecting with you.

PO Box 378

Sebastopol, CA 95472

MFT License: #83974

Yoga Certification: RYT (200)

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